Water System Update

The water situation in Pinewood today is about the same. One of our filtration systems is still not functioning. The repair engineer is having difficulty finding parts. One source told him it would be January. Therefore, the Water Board has called for a voluntary conservation of water. Since we are only making about half our normal production, they ask that you only use about half as much water as you normally would until the treatment plant is fully operational. Practice yellow-mellow, brown-down and try to use rainwater or gray water to flush. Haul in your drinking and cooking water. Take your washing to a laundry mat. Use paper plates and cups. Take shorter showers and perhaps skip a day. If we all work together, we can make it through this shortage without having to haul water.

Carl is trying to reestablishing water to the three areas of Pinewood that lost service due to the flood. At last report, Bladeworks was about half finished with the trench for the waterline to reconnect Kiowa Island. Water to the Island is still a few weeks away. Once the lines are connected, Carl will have to pressure them, check for any leaks, let the heavily chlorinated water sit for 24 hours, send water samples to the Health department, then flush the lines, re-pressurize the lines again and then retest again. If the test comes back acceptable, only then will the water to Kiowa Island be safe to use. The District asks for your patience while all this is happening. Please do not use the water to the island until you are told it is safe to do so.   Carl is also trying to come up with an alternative to get water across the Seneca  Bridge and to repair service to Cree Island.

-Gabi Benson 


  1. Pat Dewey
    Nov 5, 2013

    Thanks for the update. Wondering if there is any help that can be provided to get the islands reconnected like manpower, monies etc…..

  2. Rob Morris
    Nov 5, 2013

    When we lived in Pinewood we were lucky. We had a well. Course if we lost power that was another thing all together. I just wish I still lived up there so I could help with the repairs.

  3. Marcus Kurek
    Nov 9, 2013

    Thanks Carl & Gabi and anyone else working hard to get our water supply up and running. We really appreciate you! What about hauling in water for the holding tanks while everyone practices conserving? We would be willing to pay extra to support hauling water in, and many of our neighbors have agreed to this idea. This way people can return home ASAP and stop paying rent on top of their mortgages. Surely the cost of hauling in water is less expensive for all of us than many people paying $1000 plus for rent per month!

  4. Jerry Pettit
    Nov 10, 2013

    Paying more for some may be OK but we are on fixed income. I am sure you all have heard this sob story before. If I understand crrectly we are not out of water it is a matter of conserving. Question is am I conserving enough? Which brings up another question.
    How much is conserving? If I use less than half of what is considered normal should I have to pay more per gallon? Yes another question. Well I hope the right thing happens sooner rather than later. Thanks to all concerned.

  5. Karyn Whitcomb
    Nov 11, 2013

    Hello Pinewood Springs,
    When I left my home in Lyons I did not know when services would be restored. I bought 7 gallons of glycol to winterize the house, if needed. I am now back in my home. If anyone has a need for glycol ($25/gallon), please give me a call. Hope you’all are hanging in there.
    p: 303-443-6001
    e: karyn@karynburke.com

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