Pinewood Springs – Roads and Bridges Reconstruction Status Update


Larimer County is currently in the process of preparing bidding plans for many of the roads and culverts that sustained damage from the floods in September of last year. The Pinewood Springs General Improvement District Road Board has also been busy with road and culvert repairs throughout the community.

Road Reconstruction Updates

Our goal is to hire a contractor to construct the remaining road repairs during the upcoming Summer and Fall.  We will be sure to provide residents with a more specific time frame once we have a better idea of what the start date is for construction.

The Iroquois Road washout near Cree Ct. is one of the larger road improvement projects that has yet to be completed.  This is one of the locations that will be included in either the road repair bid package or bridge repairs.

Bridge Reconstruction Updates

The Kiowa Road bridge replacement and the Cree Court and Seneca Road bridge repairs are currently in design with Benesch, one of our on-call bridge consultants.  We are currently looking at completing these designs this fall.  Construction for these bridges will all be done under one contract and will start at either the beginning of January or February of 2015. The repairs and construction on these bridges is estimated to be completed by the end of May of 2015.

Kiowa Bridge Replacement

  • The design has just started with field surveying and hydraulic analysis being the first major activities.
  • The new bridge will have a width that is similar to the width of the Cree Ct. bridge.
  •  The length of the bridge will be determined by the hydraulic analysis.

Cree Ct. Bridge Repair

  • The Cree Ct. bridge repair preliminary design is close to being completed.
  • This bridge will be restored to its pre-flood conditions.  Some modifications on the erosion protection under and around the bridge are possible.

Seneca Bridge Repair

  • The Seneca bridge repair preliminary design is complete.
  • This repair will replace the bent steel column at the upstream end of the pier and erosion protection will be installed around the pier footing.

An open house will be scheduled, probably sometime in August, to discuss the designs of these bridges and also to get input from the residents of Pinewood Springs.

If you have any questions regarding the road reconstruction projects  please contact Matt Johnson, P.E.  at either or by phone at (970) 498-5724.

Contact Ron Winnie, P.E. for any questions you may have regarding the bridge repair projects at either or (970) 498-5713.

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