Iroquois Road Now Open

I am pleased to announce that Iroquois Road is now available for use allowing heavy vehicles to bypass the five ton weight restricted Seneca bridge. Our contractor, Bladeworks, has built a ramp from Cree Court to the damaged end of Iroquois. Fire, propane, garbage, and other heavy trucks can now access the previously inaccessible area by taking Kiowa to the first Wichita Road intersection to Cree Court to Iroquois. The road is open but there will be periods, once roadbase material becomes available, when there may be restricted use while the road is surfaced.

Donn Fairbank
Chair, PWS Road Board


  1. Pat Dewey
    Nov 13, 2013

    I saw today that more road repair materials have been delivered to Pinewood. My question is when do you think you will be able to grade/repair Cree Court beyond the crossing up to the end?

    • Donn Fairbank
      Nov 15, 2013

      Both Cree and Upper Kiowa are on our priority list of spots needing repair. Right now we are waiting for the rock crusher to come back online. We will fill the washouts with a course rock base and then top with roadbase. Unfortunately the roadbase material that has been delivered is not ours. It belongs to the county. We are having discussions about the possiblity for us to use some of that material once we get the rock base material. Last report was that the rock crusher may be available sometime next, the week of November 18.

      • Pat Dewey
        Nov 18, 2013

        Thanks for the info!

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