Vendor and Utility Company Access to Pinewood Springs



There has been a coordinated effort between CDOT, the National Guard and essential utility companies to provide some services to Pinewood during the road rebuilding of highway 36. Last week, we were able to get Waste Management and One Way Disposal permission to enter the area and remove trash from the neighborhood. Propane companies were also allowed in to refuel tanks before winter weather makes this more challenging.

The Guard and CDOT have indicated they view these vendors as essential to the community and will continue to try and give them access. The key word is “try.” Right now, the highway is completely closed during construction hours (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.) We can’t predict what will be happening with construction on any given day. If these companies show up during a time when heavy equipment is being moved… or if they can’t wait (sometimes up to an hour) for a construction process to finish before being allowed in… then they may not be able to get in and out of Pinewood. Officially, the highway is still closed to all through traffic including vendors. Unofficially, the Guard and CDOT team have been bent over backwards to try and help us get what we need into the community. It is my belief they will continue to work with us during this time.

I will continue to work with the management teams running the construction project to make accommodations for essential services when we can. If you want to schedule a vendor during road construction hours, please email me first so we can work together on trying to get access for your vendor appointment. I would appreciate at least 24-48 hours notice.┬áThe Guard has asked that I coordinate these in advance and provide them with a schedule. This is for essential services only like trash and heat. Skybeam will also be given permission on a pre-scheduled basis. FEMA inspections and other flood mitigation work will be coordinated with them as well. I’ll have more on that next week.

As of this writing, One Way will try to service Pinewood every Monday. Waste Management will be in the area every Wednesday. I will coordinate these days each week to help make sure they are allowed into the area.

I will continue to update you weekly regarding this process. Access is truly subject to change daily. I know many of you would like some kind of coordinated access windows during the construction hours. CDOT and the Guard know this and are considering options but there are no guarantees. Their #1 priority is to finish the road work on schedule and get us home for the holidays. Sometimes this means they will say ‘no’ to our requests. When that happens, please don’t shoot the messenger (me) or take it out on the road crews. We’re all doing the best we can.

-Laura Levy (


  1. Deb Trout
    Oct 16, 2013

    We really appreciate all your time and work!

    Thanks so much, The Trouts on Chipmunk.

  2. Steve Lubliner
    Oct 16, 2013

    Good job Laura, Ed would be proud.

    • admin
      Oct 16, 2013

      Now you’re replying to comments on websites? What’s next…. a Twitter acct? ;-)

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