Trash Removal and Propane Deliveries


The National Guard is giving priority access to Waste Management and One Way Disposal. Getting old trash out of the neighborhood is an important step to help alleviate any problems with bears. This does not mean the community is ready for everyone to return home. Aside from the broken highways, the water system is not back online and phones are still out.

Waste Management will resume its normal route every Wednesday and One Way will resume their service every Monday. They will be in the community in the morning. Obviously, they can only serve the homes that are accessible to them. Additionally, Waste Management will be delivering a 30 yard roll-off dumpster for community use to help remove debris. The location of this dumpster will be updated after it’s delivered. If you are visiting your home, please be mindful of recent bear activity and don’t leave your trash out the night before the trash companies come through.

Propane companies are also being allowed to service customers in Pinewood. Feel free to call your propane company if you need to restock for winter. We will be working with firewood companies too in the coming days.

All access is subject to change depending upon the construction schedule of the reconstruction of highway 36.


  1. Marc
    Oct 12, 2013

    It would be helpful if septic companies are also allowed access without a special pass. SucNup and others have tried to get in and been rejected – these guys don’t have time to go get passes as they are far too busy down in town. They are happy to come service us but a recommendation as to how they can go about this in a reasonable manner would be helpful.

    • admin
      Oct 12, 2013

      Let me look into that, Marc… good point!

  2. Patty Peritz
    Oct 14, 2013

    One Way Disposal didn’t show up on Apache today. Please let us know when the dumpster arrives.

    • admin
      Oct 14, 2013

      Hi Patty, I spoke with the Guard today and they believe there was a miscommunication on their end. I’m calling One Way in the morning to see if I can get them out another day this week. So sorry they didn’t arrive… we’ll make sure they get there and I’ll update everyone tomorrow when I know more. -Laura

  3. Patty Peritz
    Oct 15, 2013

    I spoke with One Way disposal today. One Way was denied access to PWS on Monday. One Way got a permit today to be able to access PWS . They plan to be able to service PWS accessible homes Monday.

  4. Teresa Mahr
    Oct 18, 2013

    So happy to get this info about trash removal, it was one of the big questions in my mind. Just glad one more piece of the coming hone puzzle is in place. Looking forward to when all is in place….I miss our valley and mountains so much!!

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