Pinewood Springs Water District Newsletter – October, 2013


October, 2013

Water District

The Water District has been inspected by FEMA and the Colorado Department of Health. We have also completed the necessary forms to apply for financial assistance from FEMA to repair our damaged water system. Pinewood had 4 waterlines that crossed the Little Thompson. Needless to say, the raging river destroyed all 4 lines. There are 3 areas that have no water; everyone living past the Crescent Lake Bridge to the end of Kiowa, the area across the bridge on Seneca, Iroquois Makah, Seminole, Cody CT. and Chieftain CT; and the Cree CT area. Because of the government shut down, Carl has not yet received the permits required to work on these lines. And yes, the water in the tanks has been treated and is potable water.

We are not sure when the Board meetings can resume. Our Board members have temporarily relocated in 4 different cities. The regular scheduled meeting would be on October 23rd. If we can get into PWS, that meeting will take place. The Water phones have been forwarded to my office in Longmont. If you need to speak with me, just dial the same number of 303-823-5345. The mailing address for the Water District is still 183 Cree CT, Lyons, CO 80540.

Fire District

The Fire Protection District’s fire crew “in town in PWS” consists of Randy Caner, John Bykerk, Ross Swanson, Anthony DeFrange, Kirk Ping on weekends, and the rest of us who drift through at various times.  Randy has enabled the siren for 911 alerts. They have run a few welfare checks.

Next Fire Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, October 8th, 7:00 pm at Old Chicago in Longmont.

Road Board

First of all the road board would like to thank all of the community volunteers who pitched in clearing culverts and diverting water to reduce the damage done by the flooding and making emergency repairs. A loud whoop was reported coming from one of the crews when the whirlpool formed indicating the culvert they were working on was flowing. Dan Cundall, John Bykerk and others have been putting in long hours doing what they can to keep our roads usable and as safe as possible. We have been in contact with the county. The county has been in to assess the damage to our roads and bridges. They are our contact with FEMA and the state regarding help going forward. As of this writing, the county has a briefing scheduled with FEMA to find out what help will be available for their and our repairs. We will post any update on the myPinewoodHome web page.

As always, please report any road problems or requests to the Road Board message service, 895-3848. Board meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of the odd numbered months of the year at 7:00 PM in the Firehouse. Please enter through the back door. Next meeting tentatively scheduled for November 5th.

Regular church services are held from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. Not sure about Bible study.

The Annual Spaghetti Supper was planned for October 19th. Not sure that will happen. If it doesn’t, it will be held as soon as we all get back to Pinewood.

Property Owners Association

The PSPOA Board met briefly at 4:00 pm on September 18th. We voted to approve the Neighborhood Watch Program. We also voted to contribute money to the Road Board to help with fill material for the mud hole on the evacuation route out of Pinewood and to help with PWS Road repair. Next PSPOA meeting is on hold for now.


  1. admin
    Oct 8, 2013

    I was grateful that I had Dish network for both TV and Internet during the flood

  2. Lea Fisher
    Oct 8, 2013

    Century Link is NOT suspending phone charges. I had to ask them to put the phone on “Vacation Status” to stop all charges until the phone is restored. No indication on when that will be. The representative I spoke with didn’t even know there was flooding in Colorado, much less where Pinewood Springs was!

    • Lidia Burreson
      Oct 11, 2013

      I echo Lea Fisher. I spoke with a century link rep and was told that you must place a hold or suspend services in order to not be charged. And that earliest guess for restoring service in November 30th.

  3. Friso Schlottau
    Oct 11, 2013

    I contacted CL yesterday and they asked me to keep paying, but to expect a refund when the time comes to turn everything back on.

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