National Guard Engineers Heading to Colorado to Rebuild Highway 36

national guard

DENVER (AP) — Utah National Guard soldiers are coming to Colorado to help rebuild one of the highways leading to Rocky Mountain National Park.

About 120 soldiers are scheduled to leave Friday morning. They’re expected to start work Saturday rebuilding U.S. Highway 36 from Lyons to Estes Park, which was badly damaged in last month’s floods.

Colorado is paying the soldiers with state funds because of the federal shutdown. However, the state will eventually seek reimbursement for much of the $500,000 cost.

The soldiers are members of an engineer battalion which has built roads in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as after Hurricane Katrina.

(Photo Credit: AP/Brennan Linsley)


  1. John & Donna D
    Oct 4, 2013

    Thanks for all the help we are getting from everyone,

    We miss seeing Carl! Keep the news coming, I miss our home

    We are in Calif, not the same. Keep well.

    Jd & Donna D

    • admin
      Oct 4, 2013

      We’ll keep the light on for you, John & Donna! If you have any questions or need anything, feel free to reach out!

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