Message from Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District


Dear Neighbors,

As the Board of the Pinewood Springs Fire Protection District, we are very thankful for our volunteer firefighters as first responders.   We emphasize they are volunteers who spent long hours without much sleep to manage the scale of this disaster.  The Board has seen first hand their dedication and all the hours of training they go through to prepare for such emergencies.   So we appreciate hearing your expressions of thankfulness for their caring leadership.  Though they don’t desire recognition, as a board we do want to sponsor a gathering of appreciation and remembrance in the future.  Of course there are many others who have helped and those that continue to work on restoring our infrastructure.   So we hope for a gathering that will recognize everybody.   We have seen your wonderful suggestions in ways to say thank you and would welcome your thoughts and participation when we can all return home and make our plans.

Some of you are aware of the Fire Station and Community Center Project that has been underway this year.   On the night of September 11 with the rain falling, some of us were at the fire station signing, stuffing, sealing, and stamping a September 12 letter, announcing the kick-off for a new fire station and community center.   Needless to say those letters did not get mailed as that project is on hold for an indefinite time.  Further information on the project or news from the fire district can be found on our website:

We are thankful we are all safe and well.  We have certainly lived through a unique crisis as a community and have seen how people can come together to help others One thing for sure, we have become much more acquainted with our wonderful caring neighbors in the beautiful setting of Pinewood Springs!




The Pinewood Springs Fire Protection Board of Directors

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